Default VRS Configuration parameters


  • arp_reply: Whether ARP Reply is enabled/disabled
  • vrs_configuration_time_limit: The maximum wait time limit in minutes to get VRS configured at cluster level
  • v_require_nuage_metadata: Whether split-activation or not (Openstack/CloudStack)
  • manage_vrs_availability: When this is set to true, the vCenter Integration Node will be responsible for marking a VRS Agent as available in the EAM framework. If VCIN fails to mark a VRS Agent as unavailable, vCenter will not migrate VMs to the host running the VRS Agent and will not allow VMs to be powered on that host.
  • last_updated_by: ID of the user who last updated the object.
  • last_updated_date: Time stamp when this object was last updated.
  • data_dns1: Data DNS 1
  • data_dns2: Data DNS 2
  • data_gateway: Data Gateway
  • data_network_portgroup: Data Network Port Group
  • datapath_sync_timeout: Datapath Sync Timeout
  • secondary_data_uplink_dhcp_enabled: Enable DHCP on the secondary data uplink.
  • secondary_data_uplink_enabled: Enable secondary data uplink
  • secondary_data_uplink_interface: Interface to use for the secondary data uplink. This interface can be a normal interface or a VLAN on an existing interface. Please read the VMware integration guide for more details.
  • secondary_data_uplink_mtu: Secondary data uplink MTU
  • secondary_data_uplink_primary_controller: Secondary data uplink primary controller IP
  • secondary_data_uplink_secondary_controller: Secondary data uplink secondary controller IP
  • secondary_data_uplink_underlay_id: Secondary data uplink underlay ID
  • secondary_data_uplink_vdf_control_vlan: The VLAN for the control communication with VSC on the secondary datapath interface, when VDF is enabled. This VLAN can not be used as a subnet VLAN in the VSD configuration.
  • secondary_nuage_controller: IP address of the secondary Controller (VSC)
  • memory_size_in_gb: VRS memory size in GB
  • remote_syslog_server_ip: Remote syslog server IP
  • remote_syslog_server_port: Remote syslog server port
  • remote_syslog_server_type: Remote syslog server type (UDP/TCP)
  • generic_split_activation: Whether split-activation is needed from VRO
  • separate_data_network: Whether Data will use the management network or not
  • personality: VCenter VRS Personality
  • destination_mirror_port: Extra Vnic to mirror access port
  • metadata_server_ip: Metadata Server IP
  • metadata_server_listen_port: Metadata Server Listen Port
  • metadata_server_port: Metadata Server Port
  • metadata_service_enabled: Metadata Service Enabled
  • network_uplink_interface: Network Uplink Interface to support PAT/NAT with no tunnels on VRS-VM
  • network_uplink_interface_gateway: Network Uplink Interface Gateway
  • network_uplink_interface_ip: Ip Address to support PAT/NAT with no tunnels on VRS-VM
  • network_uplink_interface_netmask: Network Uplink Interface Netmask
  • revertive_controller_enabled: Enable revertive controller behaviour. If this is enabled, OVS will make its primary VSC as its master VSC once it is back up.
  • revertive_timer: A timer in seconds indicating after how long OVS should retry to connect to the primary VSC as its master after a failure.
  • nfs_log_server: IP address of NFS server to send the VRS log
  • nfs_mount_path: Location to mount the NFS server
  • mgmt_dns1: DNS server 1
  • mgmt_dns2: DNS server 2
  • mgmt_gateway: Gateway for the IP address
  • mgmt_network_portgroup: Management Network Port group
  • dhcp_relay_server: To provide IP address of the interface from which you will connect to the DHCP relay server
  • mirror_network_portgroup: Mirror Network Port Group Name
  • disable_gro_on_datapath: Disable GRO on datapath
  • disable_lro_on_datapath: Disable LRO on datapath
  • site_id: Site ID field for object profiles to support VSD Geo-redundancy
  • allow_data_dhcp: Whether to get the Data IP for the VRS VM from DHCP or statically
  • allow_mgmt_dhcp: Whether to get the management IP for the VRS VM from DHCP or statically
  • flow_eviction_threshold: Flow Eviction Threshold
  • vm_network_portgroup: VM Network Port Group Name
  • embedded_metadata: Metadata objects associated with this entity. This will contain a list of Metadata objects if the API request is made using the special flag to enable the embedded Metadata feature. Only a maximum of Metadata objects is returned based on the value set in the system configuration.
  • enable_vrs_resource_reservation: Enable resource reservation on the VRS. When this is enabled, all memory and 100% of CPU resources allocated to the VRS will be reserved.
  • entity_scope: Specify if scope of entity is Data center or Enterprise level
  • configured_metrics_push_interval: Configured VRS metrics push interval on VCIN
  • portgroup_metadata: Port Group Meta data
  • nova_client_version: Nova client Version
  • nova_identity_url_version: Keystone identity version to use for the Nova metadata configuration on the VRS
  • nova_metadata_service_auth_url: Nova metadata service auth url
  • nova_metadata_service_endpoint: Nova metadata service endpoint
  • nova_metadata_service_password: Nova metadata service password
  • nova_metadata_service_tenant: Nova metadata service tenant
  • nova_metadata_service_username: Nova metadata service username
  • nova_metadata_shared_secret: Nova metadata shared secret
  • nova_os_keystone_username: Keystone username used by nova
  • nova_project_domain_name: Name of the project that the Nova service uses, can be determined from the nova.conf on the OpenStack controller
  • nova_project_name: Name of the default Nova project (example: services)
  • nova_region_name: Nova region name
  • nova_user_domain_name: Name of the user domain used by the Nova service, can be determined from the nova.conf on the OpenStack controller
  • upgrade_package_password: Upgrade Package Password
  • upgrade_package_url: Upgrade Package URL
  • upgrade_package_username: Upgrade Package User Name
  • upgrade_script_time_limit: The maximum time limit in seconds before the vrs script based upgrade is marked as TIMED_OUT
  • cpu_count: Number of VRS vCPU’s
  • creation_date: Time stamp when this object was created.
  • primary_data_uplink_underlay_id: Primary data uplink underlay ID
  • primary_data_uplink_vdf_control_vlan: The VLAN for the control communication with VSC on the primary datapath interface, when VDF is enabled. This VLAN can not be used as a subnet VLAN in the VSD configuration.
  • primary_nuage_controller: IP address of the primary Controller (VSC)
  • vrs_password: VRS password to be used by toolbox to communicate with VRS
  • vrs_user_name: VRS user name to be used by toolbox to communicate with VRS
  • static_route: static route to be configured in the VRS
  • static_route_gateway: Gateway for the static route given above
  • static_route_netmask: Nova region name
  • ntp_server1: IP of the NTP server 1
  • ntp_server2: IP of the NTP server 1
  • mtu: Maximum Transmission Unit for eth2 interface
  • multi_vmssupport: Whether Multi VM is to be used or not
  • multicast_receive_interface: Multicast Receive Interface
  • multicast_receive_interface_ip: IP address for eth3 interface
  • multicast_receive_interface_netmask: Multicast Interface netmask
  • multicast_receive_range: Allowed Range to receive the Multicast traffic from
  • multicast_send_interface: Multicast Send Interface
  • multicast_send_interface_ip: IP address for eth3 interface
  • multicast_send_interface_netmask: Multicast Interface netmask
  • multicast_source_portgroup: Multi Cast Source Port Group Name
  • customized_script_url: To provide a URL to install a custom app on VRS
  • ovf_url: The url for the ovf
  • avrs_enabled: AVRS enabled
  • avrs_profile: AVRS profile
  • owner: Identifies the user that has created this object.
  • external_id: External object ID. Used for integration with third party systems


class fetcher
nupermission.NUPermission permissions
numetadata.NUMetadata metadatas
nuglobalmetadata.NUGlobalMetadata global_metadatas
nuvrsaddressrange.NUVRSAddressRange vrs_address_ranges
nuvrsredeploymentpolicy.NUVRSRedeploymentpolicy vrs_redeploymentpolicies