NSG Gateway initiated Bootstrap Activation


  • cacert: The CA Certificate Chain
  • hash: The authentication hash of this request
  • last_updated_by: ID of the user who last updated the object.
  • action: The bootstrap action to perform.
  • seed: The random seed for this request
  • cert: The signed Certificate
  • entity_scope: Specify if scope of entity is Data center or Enterprise level
  • config_url: The configuration URL
  • tpm_owner_password: TPM owner passphrase
  • tpm_state: Gateway TPM Status reported by the device when generating CSR.
  • srk_password: TPM SRK passphrase
  • vsd_time: VSD Server time when an NSG is initiating a Bootstrapping request
  • csr: The CSR of the request
  • associated_entity_type: Object type of the associated entity.
  • status: The agent status for the request
  • auto_bootstrap: Indicates whether auto bootstrap is being used to bootstrap this NSG
  • external_id: External object ID. Used for integration with third party systems


class fetcher
numetadata.NUMetadata metadatas
nuglobalmetadata.NUGlobalMetadata global_metadatas