A Scheduled Test Suite is grouping of a number of ICMP Echo Tests that can be run at the specified schedule, consecutively from a given source (NSGateway or VPort) toward a specified destination.


  • name (Mandatory): Name of the scheduled test suite instance.
  • schedule_interval: This is the interval between all test runs in this suite and the next run of tests in this suite.
  • schedule_interval_units: The units for the specified interval. This can be minutes, hours or days.
  • description: Description for the scheduled test suite instance.
  • end_date_time: The date and time by which this suite will be terminated. If this is not specified the tests will continue to run at the specified frequency.
  • start_date_time: The date and time when this suite will start on the NSGateway.


class fetcher
nuscheduledtestsuiterun.NUScheduledtestsuiterun scheduledtestsuiteruns
nutest.NUTest tests