Pre-created matching criteria that allows CSPRoot to auto-assign incoming auto-bootstrapping requests to an Enterprise should a match occur.


  • zfb_match_attribute (Mandatory): Attribute to auto match on
  • zfb_match_attribute_values (Mandatory): Array of values to match on
  • name (Mandatory): Name of the ZFB auto assignment criteria.
  • last_updated_by: ID of the user who last updated the object.
  • description: Description of the ZFB auto assignment criteria.
  • entity_scope: Specify if scope of entity is Data center or Enterprise level
  • priority (Mandatory): Priority of the Auto Assignment
  • associated_enterprise_id (Mandatory): Associated Enterprise ID
  • associated_enterprise_name: The name of the associated Enterprise
  • external_id: External object ID. Used for integration with third party systems