Infrastructure Gateway Profiles are gateway-level platform attributes inherited by gateways as they are instantiated, connecting them to Nuage management infrastructure.


  • ntp_server_key: If set, this represents the security key for the Gateway to communicate with the NTP server (a VSC).
  • ntp_server_key_id: Corresponds to the key ID on the NTP server that matches the NTPServerKey value. Valid values are from 1 to 255 as specified by SR-OS and when value 0 is entered, it means that the NTP Key is not used (VSD/NSG only).
  • name (Mandatory): Name of the Infrastructure Profile
  • last_updated_by: ID of the user who last updated the object.
  • datapath_sync_timeout: Datapath flows sync-time-interval specified in milliseconds
  • dead_timer: ISO 8601 format duration: PnYnMnD T nHnMnS. P represents the period field and T the time field. Period field: Y = year, M = month, D = day. Time field: H = hours, M = minutes, S = seconds. n is the value of each field. Because the years and month are units that vary in length, for the time being those are not supported yet.
  • dead_timer_enabled: Flag to enable automatic deactivation.
  • web_filter_download_port: The port to be opened by the proxy for webfilter update database
  • web_filter_query_port: The port to be opened by the proxy for webfilter category query request
  • remote_log_mode: Type of Log Server for system logs generated by Gateways associated with this Infrastructure Profile.
  • remote_log_server_address: Primary Log Server for system logs generated by Gateways associated with this Infrastructure Profile. Can be an IP address or a URL. This field is optional.
  • remote_log_server_port: Port to be used to access the Remote Syslog server. By default, this is port 514.
  • description: A description of the Profile instance created.
  • metadata_upgrade_path: Path/URL to retrieve the NSG Upgrade information meta data files. From that meta data, the NSG will be able to retrieve the upgrade package files and perform some validations. It is expected that the meta data file is in JSON format. RFC 2616 states that there are no ‘official’ maximum length for a URL but different browsers and servers have limits. Our friendly Internet Explorer has a maximum of ‘around’ 2048 characters, we shall use this as a limit here.
  • flow_eviction_threshold: Number of flows at which eviction from kernel flow table will be triggered (default: 2500)
  • enterprise_id: Enterprise/Organisation associated with this Profile instance.
  • entity_scope: Specify if scope of entity is Data center or Enterprise level
  • controller_less_duration: Duration for a controller-less local operation (in ISO-duration format).
  • controller_less_enabled: Flag to enable controller-less operations
  • controller_less_forwarding_mode: The forwarding mode to use for controllerLess operations
  • controller_less_remote_duration: Duration for a controller-less remote operation (in ISO-duration format).
  • force_immediate_system_sync: Usually the synchronization will span across 1 hour window after the defined synchronization time. Forcing an immediate synchronization can overload the system and can have a negative impact on the system.
  • open_flow_audit_timer: Openflow audit timer in seconds. Upon the expiry of this timer a set of cleanup operations will be performed
  • upgrade_action: Upgrade action for NSG associated with this Infrastructure Gateway Profile instance.
  • proxy_dns_name (Mandatory): Proxy DNS Name : DNS Name of the system acting as a proxy between the NSG instances and the VSD.
  • use_two_factor: Use Two Factor : When set to true, the use of two independent authentication factors will be used to secure the installed NSG. When set to false, there is an assumption that the NSG is being installed in a secure environment and the installer is also trusted. The defaut value is true, using 2-factor.
  • stats_collector_port: The port to open by the proxy for the statistics collector to use.
  • external_id: External object ID. Used for integration with third party systems
  • system_sync_scheduler: Time, in a Cron format, when configuration updates are being applied on the Gateway (NSG). This property is linked to systemSyncWindow. Default value is every midnight (0 0 * * *). Format: Minutes Hours DayOfMonth Month DayOfWeek


class fetcher
numetadata.NUMetadata metadatas
nuglobalmetadata.NUGlobalMetadata global_metadatas