This is the definition of a l2 domain associated with a Enterprise.


  • dhcp_managed: decides whether L2Domain / L2Domain template DHCP is managed by VSD
  • dpi: determines whether or not Deep packet inspection is enabled
  • ip_type: IPv4 or DUALSTACK
  • ipv6_address: IPV6 address of the route - Optional
  • ipv6_gateway: The IPv6 address of the gateway of this subnet
  • vxlanecmp_enabled: Determines whether VXLAN-ECMP are enabled on this domain.
  • maintenance_mode: maintenanceMode is an enum that indicates if the L2Domain is accepting VM activation requests. Possible values are DISABLED, ENABLED and ENABLED_INHERITED Possible values are .
  • name (Mandatory): Name of the L2Domain / L2Domain template,has to be unique within a Enterprise. Valid characters are alphabets, numbers, space and hyphen( - ).
  • last_updated_by: ID of the user who last updated the object.
  • gateway: The IP address of the gateway of this l2 domain
  • gateway_mac_address: The MAC address of the Gateway.
  • address: Network address of the L2Domain / L2Domain template defined.
  • template_id: The ID of the L2 Domain template that this L2 Domain object was derived from
  • service_id: The service ID used by the VSCs to identify this subnet
  • description: A description field provided by the user that identifies the L2Domain / L2Domain template.
  • netmask: Netmask of the L2Domain / L2Domain template defined
  • flow_collection_enabled: Determines whether or not flow collection is enabled.
  • vn_id: Current network’s globally unique VXLAN network identifier
  • encryption: Determines whether IPSEC is enabled Possible values are ENABLED, DISABLED, .
  • ingress_replication_enabled: Enables ingress replication for the VNI.
  • entity_scope: Specify if scope of entity is Data center or Enterprise level
  • entity_state: Intermediate State of L2 Domain.
  • policy_change_status: None
  • route_distinguisher: Route distinguisher that is used by the BGP-EVPN protocol in VSC. Supported formats are: [2-byte ASN]:[4-byte value] or [4-byte ASN]:[2-byte value]
  • route_target: Route target that is used by the BGP-EVPN protocol in VSC. Supported formats are: [2-byte ASN]:[4-byte value] or [4-byte ASN]:[2-byte value]
  • routed_vpls_enabled: Determines whether routed VPLS services are enabled on this domain.
  • uplink_preference: Indicates the preferencial path selection for network traffic in this domain - Default is Primary 1 and Secondary 2. Possible values are PRIMARY_SECONDARY, SECONDARY_PRIMARY, PRIMARY, SECONDARY, SYMMETRIC, .
  • use_global_mac: Enable this flag to use system configured globalMACAddress as the gateway mac address for managed l2 domains
  • associated_multicast_channel_map_id: The ID of the Multi Cast Channel Map this L2Domain / L2Domain template template is associated with. This has to be set when enableMultiCast is set to ENABLED
  • associated_shared_network_resource_id: The ID of the L2 Domain that this L2 Domain object is pointing to
  • associated_underlay_id: The ID of the Underlay entity to which this L2 Domain is associated.
  • stretched: Indicates whether this domain is streched,if so remote VM resolutions will be allowed
  • multicast: Indicates multicast policy on L2Domain.
  • customer_id: CustomerID that is used by NETCONF MANAGER to identify this enterprise. This can be configured by root user.
  • external_id: External object ID. Used for integration with third party systems
  • dynamic_ipv6_address: Turn on or off dynamic allocation of IPV6 address


class fetcher
nugateway.NUGateway gateways
nutca.NUTCA tcas
nuaddressrange.NUAddressRange address_ranges
nuredirectiontarget.NURedirectionTarget redirection_targets
nuredundancygroup.NURedundancyGroup redundancy_groups
nudeploymentfailure.NUDeploymentFailure deployment_failures
nupermission.NUPermission permissions
numetadata.NUMetadata metadatas
nunetworkperformancebinding.NUNetworkPerformanceBinding network_performance_bindings
nupgexpression.NUPGExpression pg_expressions
nuegressaclentrytemplate.NUEgressACLEntryTemplate egress_acl_entry_templates
nuegressacltemplate.NUEgressACLTemplate egress_acl_templates
nuegressadvfwdtemplate.NUEgressAdvFwdTemplate egress_adv_fwd_templates
nudhcpoption.NUDHCPOption dhcp_options
nuvirtualfirewallpolicy.NUVirtualFirewallPolicy virtual_firewall_policies
nuvirtualfirewallrule.NUVirtualFirewallRule virtual_firewall_rules
nualarm.NUAlarm alarms
nuglobalmetadata.NUGlobalMetadata global_metadatas
nuvm.NUVM vms
nuvminterface.NUVMInterface vm_interfaces
nuingressaclentrytemplate.NUIngressACLEntryTemplate ingress_acl_entry_templates
nuingressacltemplate.NUIngressACLTemplate ingress_acl_templates
nuingressadvfwdtemplate.NUIngressAdvFwdTemplate ingress_adv_fwd_templates
nujob.NUJob jobs
nupolicygroup.NUPolicyGroup policy_groups
nucontainer.NUContainer containers
nucontainerinterface.NUContainerInterface container_interfaces
nuqos.NUQOS qoss
nuhostinterface.NUHostInterface host_interfaces
nuuplinkrd.NUUplinkRD uplink_rds
nuvpnconnection.NUVPNConnection vpn_connections
nuvport.NUVPort vports
nuapplication.NUApplication applications
nuapplicationperformancemanagementbinding.NUApplicationperformancemanagementbinding applicationperformancemanagementbindings
nubridgeinterface.NUBridgeInterface bridge_interfaces
nugroup.NUGroup groups
nuproxyarpfilter.NUProxyARPFilter proxy_arp_filters
nunsgatewaysummary.NUNSGatewaySummary ns_gateway_summaries
nustaticroute.NUStaticRoute static_routes
nustatistics.NUStatistics statistics
nustatisticspolicy.NUStatisticsPolicy statistics_policies
nueventlog.NUEventLog event_logs
nuoverlaymirrordestination.NUOverlayMirrorDestination overlay_mirror_destinations