User groups that are granted permissions for objects such as domains, zones, and subnets can see and manipulate everything within the object.


  • name: Name of the Permission
  • last_updated_by: ID of the user who last updated the object.
  • permitted_action (Mandatory): The permitted action to USE/EXTEND/READ/INSTANTIATE an entity.
  • permitted_entity_description: Description for the permittedEntity
  • permitted_entity_id (Mandatory): The entity ID for which this permission action is associated against.
  • permitted_entity_name: Name of the entity for which we have given permission.
  • permitted_entity_type: Type of the entity for which we have given permission.
  • entity_scope: Specify if scope of entity is Data center or Enterprise level
  • external_id: External object ID. Used for integration with third party systems


class fetcher
numetadata.NUMetadata metadatas
nuglobalmetadata.NUGlobalMetadata global_metadatas
nueventlog.NUEventLog event_logs