Device information coming from the NSG


  • mac_address: A comma separated list of MAC Addresses associated to the NSG’s interfaces (eg, port1, port2, port3).
  • aar_application_release_date: Release Date of the AAR Application
  • aar_application_version: The AAR Application Version
  • bios_release_date: Release Date of the NSG BiOS
  • bios_version: NSG BIOS Version as received from the NSG during bootstrap or a reboot. If the information exeeds 255 characters, the extra characters will be truncated.
  • sku: The part number of the NSG
  • tpm_status: TPM status code as reported by the NSG during bootstrapping. This informate indicates if TPM is being used in securing the private key/certificate of an NSG. Possible values are 0(Unknown), 1(Enabled_Not_Operational), 2(Enabled_Operational), 3(Disabled).
  • tpm_version: TPM (Trusted Platform Module) version as reported by the NSG.
  • cpu_type: The NSG Processor Type based on information extracted during bootstrapping. This may refer to a type of processor manufactured by Intel, ARM, AMD, Cyrix, VIA, or others.
  • nsg_version: The NSG Version as reported during a bootstrap or a reboot of the NSG.
  • uuid: The Redhat/CentOS UUID of the NSG
  • name: Name of the Gateway.
  • family: The NSG Family type as it was returned by the NSG during bootstrapping.
  • patches_detail: Base64 Encoded JSON String of the extra details pertaining to each successfully installed patch
  • serial_number: The NSG’s serial number as it is stored in the system’s CMOS (Motherboard)
  • personality: Personality of the Gateway.
  • libraries: Tracks RPM package installed for some libraries installed on the NSG.
  • cmd_detailed_status: Detailed status of the current running or last run command.
  • cmd_detailed_status_code: Numerical value representing the code mapping to detailed status of the current or last command operation.
  • cmd_download_progress: DownloadProgress object representing the progress of Gateway image download.
  • cmd_id: Identifier of the running or last Command.
  • cmd_last_updated_date: Time stamp when the command was last updated.
  • cmd_status: Status of the current or last command.
  • cmd_type: Specifies the type of command that is stated for execution on the system. A request for download or a request for upgrade.
  • enterprise_id: The enterprise associated with this Gateway.
  • enterprise_name: Name of the Enterprise associated with this Gateway.
  • entity_scope: Specify if scope of entity is Data center or Enterprise level
  • bootstrap_status: The bootstrap status of the NSG from which the infomation was collected.
  • product_name: NSG Product Name as reported when the device bootstraps.
  • associated_entity_type: Object type of the associated entity.
  • associated_ns_gateway_id: The ID of the NSG from which the infomation was collected.
  • external_id: External object ID. Used for integration with third party systems
  • system_id: System identifier of the Gateway.