Definition of the enterprise object. This is the top level object that represents an enterprise.


  • ldap_authorization_enabled: Read-only flag - indicates if LDAP is used for authorization for the enterprise. For detailed explanation, see definition in LDAPConfiguration class
  • ldap_enabled: Read-only flag - indicates if LDAP is used for authentication for the enterprise. For detailed explanation, see definition in LDAPConfiguration class
  • bgp_enabled: Read-only flag to display if BGP is enabled for this enterprise
  • dhcp_lease_interval: DHCP Lease Interval (in hrs) to be used by an enterprise.
  • vnf_management_enabled: Read-only flag to display if VNF management is enabled for this enterprise
  • name (Mandatory): The unique name of the enterprise.
  • last_updated_by: ID of the user who last updated the object.
  • last_updated_date: Time stamp when this object was last updated.
  • web_filter_enabled: Read only flag to display if Web Filtering is enabled for this enterprise
  • receive_multi_cast_list_id: Read-only Id of the auto generated receive multicast list associated with this enterprise profile
  • send_multi_cast_list_id: Read-only Id of the auto generated send multicast list associated with this enterprise profile
  • description: A description of the enterprise
  • shared_enterprise: This flag indicates whether this is a Shared Infrastructure Enterprise or not. Its a read-only attribute and it cannot be set by anybody.
  • threat_intelligence_enabled: Determines whether or not threat intelligence is enabled
  • threat_prevention_management_enabled: Threat Prevention Management enabled for enterprise
  • dictionary_version: L7 Application Type version
  • virtual_firewall_rules_enabled: Read-only flag that indicates if virtual firewall rules are allowed.
  • allow_advanced_qos_configuration: Controls whether this enterprise has access to advanced QoS settings
  • allow_gateway_management: This flag indicates if the enterprise/organization can manage gateways. If yes then it can create gateway templates, instantiate them etc.
  • allow_trusted_forwarding_class: Controls whether QoS policies and templates created under this enterprise set the trusted flag to true
  • allowed_forwarding_classes: Allowed Forwarding Classes for this enterprise. Possible values are NONE, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, .
  • allowed_forwarding_mode: Enum to set allowed controller-less mode
  • floating_ips_quota: Quota set for the number of floating IPs to be used by an enterprise.
  • floating_ips_used: Number of floating IPs used by the enterprise from the assigned floatingIPsQuota
  • blocked_page_text: The text for blocked page html which gets displayed to the end-users when they reach a website that is blocked by Web Filtering ACL. User can possibly include very basic html tags like <p>, <ul> etc. in order to fomat the text displayed to the end-users.
  • flow_collection_enabled: Determines whether or not flow collection is enabled.
  • embedded_metadata: Metadata objects associated with this entity. This will contain a list of Metadata objects if the API request is made using the special flag to enable the embedded Metadata feature. Only a maximum of Metadata objects is returned based on the value set in the system configuration.
  • enable_application_performance_management: This flag indicates if the DPI can be enabled for this enterpriseenterprise/organization.
  • encryption_management_mode: Read-only encryption management mode of the associated profile
  • enterprise_profile_id: Enterprise profile id for this enterprise
  • enterprise_type: Type of Enterprise. SHARED, AUDIT, NORMAL, CSP, SYSTEM
  • entity_scope: Specify if scope of entity is Data center or Enterprise level
  • local_as: Local autonomous system for the enterprise
  • forwarding_class: Represents the List of forwarding classes and their load balancing capability.
  • creation_date: Time stamp when this object was created.
  • use_global_mac: Determines whether Global Gateway MAC is enabled or not Enterprise level.
  • associated_enterprise_security_id: Read-only Id of the associated group key encryption profile
  • associated_group_key_encryption_profile_id: Read-only Id of the associated group key encryption profile
  • associated_key_server_monitor_id: Read-only Id of the associated keyserver monitor
  • stats_profile_id: Statistics Profile to which this enterprise is associated to.
  • customer_id: CustomerID that is used by VSC to identify this enterprise. This can be configured by root user.
  • avatar_data: URL to the avatar data associated with the enterprise. If the avatarType is URL then value of avatarData should an URL of the image. If the avatarType BASE64 then avatarData should be BASE64 encoded value of the image
  • avatar_type: Avatar type - URL or BASE64 Possible values are URL, BASE64, COMPUTEDURL, .
  • owner: Identifies the user that has created this object.
  • external_id: External object ID. Used for integration with third party systems


class fetcher
nul2domain.NUL2Domain l2_domains
nul2domaintemplate.NUL2DomainTemplate l2_domain_templates
nul4service.NUL4Service l4_services
nul4servicegroup.NUL4ServiceGroup l4_service_groups
nul7applicationsignature.NUL7applicationsignature l7applicationsignatures
nusaasapplicationgroup.NUSaaSApplicationGroup saa_s_application_groups
nusaasapplicationtype.NUSaaSApplicationType saa_s_application_types
nusapegressqosprofile.NUSAPEgressQoSProfile sap_egress_qo_s_profiles
nusapingressqosprofile.NUSAPIngressQoSProfile sap_ingress_qo_s_profiles
nucaptiveportalprofile.NUCaptivePortalProfile captive_portal_profiles
nuratelimiter.NURateLimiter rate_limiters
nugateway.NUGateway gateways
nugatewayslocation.NUGatewaysLocation gateways_locations
nugatewaytemplate.NUGatewayTemplate gateway_templates
nupatnatpool.NUPATNATPool patnat_pools
nuscheduledtestsuite.NUScheduledTestSuite scheduled_test_suites
nuicmpechotestdefinition.NUICMPEchoTestDefinition icmp_echo_test_definitions
nuldapconfiguration.NULDAPConfiguration ldap_configurations
nuidpprofile.NUIDPProfile idp_profiles
nuwebcategory.NUWebCategory web_categories
nuwebdomainname.NUWebDomainName web_domain_names
nuredundancygroup.NURedundancyGroup redundancy_groups
nudeploymentfailure.NUDeploymentFailure deployment_failures
nuperformancemonitor.NUPerformanceMonitor performance_monitors
nupermission.NUPermission permissions
nutestdefinition.NUTestDefinition test_definitions
nutestsuite.NUTestSuite test_suites
numetadata.NUMetadata metadatas
nunetconfprofile.NUNetconfProfile netconf_profiles
nunetworkmacrogroup.NUNetworkMacroGroup network_macro_groups
nunetworkperformancemeasurement.NUNetworkPerformanceMeasurement network_performance_measurements
nukeyservermonitor.NUKeyServerMonitor key_server_monitors
nuzfbrequest.NUZFBRequest zfb_requests
nubgpprofile.NUBGPProfile bgp_profiles
nuegressprofile.NUEgressProfile egress_profiles
nuegressqospolicy.NUEgressQOSPolicy egress_qos_policies
nusharednetworkresource.NUSharedNetworkResource shared_network_resources
nufirewallacl.NUFirewallAcl firewall_acls
nufirewallrule.NUFirewallRule firewall_rules
nuikecertificate.NUIKECertificate ike_certificates
nuikeencryptionprofile.NUIKEEncryptionprofile ike_encryptionprofiles
nuikegateway.NUIKEGateway ike_gateways
nuikegatewayprofile.NUIKEGatewayProfile ike_gateway_profiles
nuikepsk.NUIKEPSK ikepsks
nualarm.NUAlarm alarms
nuallalarm.NUAllAlarm all_alarms
nuglobalmetadata.NUGlobalMetadata global_metadatas
nuvm.NUVM vms
nuvnf.NUVNF vnfs
nuvnfmetadata.NUVNFMetadata vnf_metadatas
nuvnfthresholdpolicy.NUVNFThresholdPolicy vnf_threshold_policies
nuingressprofile.NUIngressProfile ingress_profiles
nuingressqospolicy.NUIngressQOSPolicy ingress_qos_policies
nugnmiprofile.NUGNMIProfile gnmi_profiles
nuenterprisenetwork.NUEnterpriseNetwork enterprise_networks
nuenterprisesecurity.NUEnterpriseSecurity enterprise_securities
nujob.NUJob jobs
nurole.NURole roles
nupolicygroupcategory.NUPolicyGroupCategory policy_group_categories
nupolicyobjectgroup.NUPolicyObjectGroup policy_object_groups
nudomain.NUDomain domains
nudomainkindsummary.NUDomainKindSummary domain_kind_summaries
nudomaintemplate.NUDomainTemplate domain_templates
nucontainer.NUContainer containers
nucosremarkingpolicytable.NUCOSRemarkingPolicyTable cos_remarking_policy_tables
nuroutingpolicy.NURoutingPolicy routing_policies
nuipfilterprofile.NUIPFilterProfile ip_filter_profiles
nuapplication.NUApplication applications
nuapplicationperformancemanagement.NUApplicationperformancemanagement applicationperformancemanagements
nuipv6filterprofile.NUIPv6FilterProfile ipv6_filter_profiles
nugroup.NUGroup groups
nugroupkeyencryptionprofile.NUGroupKeyEncryptionProfile group_key_encryption_profiles
nutrunk.NUTrunk trunks
nudscpforwardingclasstable.NUDSCPForwardingClassTable dscp_forwarding_class_tables
nudscpremarkingpolicytable.NUDSCPRemarkingPolicyTable dscp_remarking_policy_tables
nuuser.NUUser users
nunsgateway.NUNSGateway ns_gateways
nunsgatewayscount.NUNSGatewaysCount ns_gateways_counts
nunsgatewaysummary.NUNSGatewaySummary ns_gateway_summaries
nunsgatewaytemplate.NUNSGatewayTemplate ns_gateway_templates
nunsggroup.NUNSGGroup nsg_groups
nunsredundantgatewaygroup.NUNSRedundantGatewayGroup ns_redundant_gateway_groups
nuethernetsegmentgwgroup.NUEthernetSegmentGWGroup ethernet_segment_gw_groups
nupublicnetworkmacro.NUPublicNetworkMacro public_network_macros
numulticastlist.NUMultiCastList multi_cast_lists
nuavatar.NUAvatar avatars
nueventlog.NUEventLog event_logs
nuoverlaymanagementprofile.NUOverlayManagementProfile overlay_management_profiles
nusyslogdestination.NUSyslogDestination syslog_destinations
nuazurecloud.NUAzureCloud azure_clouds