Represents the Bidirectional Forwarding Detection session that can be configured on an uplink/BR connection.


  • bfd_destination_ip: Destination IP Address used for Bidirectional Forwarding Detection.
  • bfd_destination_ip_type: Destination IP Type of Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
  • bfd_destination_ipv6: Destination IPv6 Address used for Bidirectional Forwarding Detection. Required if BFD Destination IP Type is IPV6
  • bfd_multiplier: Multiplier used for Bidirectional Forwarding Detection Timer.
  • bfd_timer: Timer for Bidirectional Forwarding Detection in milliseconds.
  • last_updated_by: ID of the user who last updated the object.
  • entity_scope: Specify if scope of entity is Data center or Enterprise level
  • multi_hop_enabled: Boolean flag to indicate whether the BFD Session has single hop or multi hop capability.
  • external_id: External object ID. Used for integration with third party systems


class fetcher
numetadata.NUMetadata metadatas
nuglobalmetadata.NUGlobalMetadata global_metadatas