Underlay Test is a wrapper object for a Test Suite Run from the built in Underlay Tests Test Suite.


  • name: The name of the test
  • test_result: The result of the test
  • underlay_test_server: The Underlay Test Server this test was executed against
  • underlay_test_type: Type of Test
  • create_only: Create the test only, do not trigger the command. Used for loading existing results
  • associated_data_path_id: The associated data path ID
  • associated_ns_gateway_id: The ID of the associated NSGateway
  • associated_ns_gateway_name: The name of the associated NSGateway
  • associated_system_id: The associated System ID
  • associated_test_suite_run_id: The ID of the associated Test Suite Run
  • associated_uplink_connection_id: The uplink connection ID that this underlay test will be triggered on. This can be null in order to use any uplink
  • associated_uplink_interface: The interface name of the associated uplink in port.vlan format
  • start_date_time: The start date time of the test
  • stop_date_time: The stop date time of the test
  • run_bandwidth_test: Bandwidth test results enable verification of minimal requirements for NSG operations and is not indicative of the maximum throughput possible on an uplink.
  • run_connectivity_test: Flag to run the connectivity test
  • run_mtu_discovery_test: Flag to run the MTU Discovery test
  • duration: The test duration in seconds


class fetcher
nutestrun.NUTestRun test_runs