Security Policy Entries defines what action to take for a particular type of traffic, based on its origin and its destination, its protocol, EtherType, eventual ports, DSCP value and other information.


  • acl_template_name: The name of the parent Template for this acl entry
  • icmp_code: The ICMP Code when protocol selected is ICMP.
  • icmp_type: The ICMP Type when protocol selected is ICMP.
  • fc_override: Value of the Service Class to be overridden in the packet when the match conditions are satisfied Possible values are NONE, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, .
  • ipv6_address_override: Overrides the source IPv6 for Ingress and destination IPv6 for Egress, MAC entries will use this address as the match criteria.
  • dscp (Mandatory): DSCP match condition to be set in the rule. It is either * or from 0-63
  • dscp_remarking: Remarking value for the DSCP field in IP header of customer packet.DSCP value range from enumeration of 65 values: NONE, 0, 1, …, 63
  • failsafe_datapath: Backup datapath option if VNF/VM is down
  • last_updated_by: ID of the user who last updated the object.
  • action (Mandatory): The action of the ACL entry DROP or FORWARD or REDIRECT or FORWARDING_PATH_LIST. Actions REDIRECT and FORWARDING_PATH_LIST are allowed only for IngressAdvancedForwardingEntry. Possible values are DROP, FORWARD, REDIRECT, FORWARDING_PATH_LIST. If FORWARDING_PATH_LIST is selected in IngressAdvancedForwardingEntry, user will have to attach a ForwardingPathList (list of forwarding action-uplink preference entries) to the ACL.
  • address_override: Overrides the source IP for Ingress and destination IP for Egress, MAC entries will use this address as the match criteria.
  • address_override_type: Address Override Type can be IPV4, IPV6 or MACRO_GROUP.
  • web_filter_id: ID of web filter category or web domain name entity used
  • web_filter_type: Indicates type of web filter being set
  • redirect_rewrite_type: The type of redirection rewrite. Currently only VLAN is supported
  • redirect_rewrite_value: The redirect rewrite value. Currently only vlan id is supported
  • redirect_vport_tag_id: VPort tag to which traffic will be redirected to, when ACL entry match criteria succeeds
  • remote_uplink_preference: Indicates the preferencial path selection for network traffic for this ACL.
  • description: Description of the ACL entry
  • destination_port: The destination port to be matched if protocol is UDP or TCP. Value should be either * or single port number or a port range
  • network_id: The destination network entity that is referenced(subnet/zone/macro/PolicyGroupExpression)
  • network_type: Type of the source network.
  • mirror_destination_id: Destination ID of the mirror destination object.
  • vlan_range: The range can be a single number or a range. Eg : 1,10,15-17
  • flow_logging_enabled: Is flow logging enabled for this particular template
  • enterprise_name: The name of the enterprise for the domains parent
  • entity_scope: Specify if scope of entity is Data center or Enterprise level
  • location_id: The ID of the location entity (Subnet/Zone/VportTag/PolicyGroupExpression)
  • location_type (Mandatory): Type of the location entity.
  • policy_state: State of the policy. Possible values are DRAFT, LIVE, .
  • domain_name: The name of the domain/domain template for the aclTemplateNames parent
  • source_port: Source port to be matched if protocol is UDP or TCP. Value can be either * or single port number or a port range
  • uplink_preference: Indicates the preferencial path selection for network traffic for this ACL - default is DEFAULT when the attribute is applicable.
  • app_type: Type of application selected, ALL (all applications in match criteria), NONE (no application in match criteria), APPLICATION (specific application in match criteria).
  • priority: The priority of the ACL entry that determines the order of entries
  • protocol: Protocol number that must be matched
  • is_sla_aware: This flag denotes whether the Uplink Preference configured by the user will work with AAR or will over-ride AAR.
  • associated_application_id: Associated application UUID.
  • associated_forwarding_path_list_id: Associated forwarding path list UUID.
  • associated_live_entity_id: In the draft mode, the ACL entry refers to this LiveEntity. In non-drafted mode, this is null.
  • associated_live_template_id: In the draft mode, the ACL entity refers to this live entity parent. In non-drafted mode, this is null
  • associated_traffic_type: This property reflects the type of traffic in case an ACL entry is created using an Service or Service Group. In case a protocol and port are specified for the ACL entry, this property has to be empty (null). Supported values are L4_SERVICE, L4_SERVICE_GROUP and empty.
  • associated_traffic_type_id: If a traffic type is specified as Service or Service Group, then the associated Id of Service / Service Group should be specifed here
  • stats_id: The statsID that is created in the VSD and identifies this ACL Template Entry. This is auto-generated by VSD
  • stats_logging_enabled: Is stats logging enabled for this particular template
  • ether_type (Mandatory): Ether type of the packet to be matched. etherType can be * or a valid hexadecimal value
  • external_id: External object ID. Used for integration with third party systems


class fetcher
numetadata.NUMetadata metadatas
nuglobalmetadata.NUGlobalMetadata global_metadatas
nustatistics.NUStatistics statistics