This API can be used to gather read-only information about an NSG, including information on its state, system metrics, alarm counts, location and version. It is a single view of the full data available for an NSG.


  • controllervrslinks: List of Controller-VRS links associated with the nsg
  • vrsinfo: information about VRS reported from sysmon in JSON format. Has info about cpu usage, memory usage, physical interfaces etc.
  • vscs: List of controllers associated with the nsg
  • nsginfo: An embedded object from the nsinfo entity from VSD. Contains info such as software version, CPU type, BIOS version etc. The embedded object is returned in JSON format
  • nsgstate: Information from the NSGState object in VSD in JSON format. Contains information about connection status, TPM status, operation mode etc.
  • nsgsummary: NSG summary in JSON format - contains alarm counts, locality, bootstrap info etc.